Balance Innovation and Efficiencies to Protect Against Financial Crime


Title: Balance Innovation and Efficiencies to Protect Against Financial Crime

Date & Time: June 30, 2020 7.00 AM PST / 10.00 AM EST

Duration: 60 minutes


Striking the middle ground between technological innovation and efficiencies (both cost and agility), is increasingly difficult for many organizations. Is it possible to strive for industry best practice, such as predictive responses, while managing the wider choices offered by on-premise, public and private cloud offerings in an efficient, agile and compliant manner? In this webinar, we will discuss how you can achieve all of these needs.

Innovation is essential for an effective compliance program in an increasing complex landscape. Technology that provides contextual decision intelligence empowers organizations to get more value from data. By connecting internal and external data sets to provide a single view and by revealing relationships between people, places and organizations, financial institutions can uncover hidden risk more efficiently and with greater accuracy than when using traditional systems.

Efficiency now includes the speed of digital transformation alongside the agility needed to adapt. Hybrid environments provide flexibility and accessibility that accelerates innovation, but not necessarily with the secure governance of an enterprise data cloud or the cutting-edge innovation provided by certain AI-driven technologies. Reducing costs is possible, but not always in the way you might think: often these savings are seen through increased agility, reduced time to market and new ways of writing applications.

Compliancy for both financial organizations and their customers comes from guaranteeing security, governance and regulation. The UN estimates that just 1% of criminal funds flowing through the international financial system every year are detected and dealt with. How can this be tackled in the new world of remote work?

Join Jamie Hutton, Patrice Amann and Dr Richard Harmon to learn more about how you can have the best of all three – a compliant and efficient data platform on which to perform cutting-edge innovation.

In this webinar, you will learn how customers have employed Cloudera and Quantexa technology on Microsoft Azure to:

  • Innovation: utilize contextual decision intelligence technology to get a single entity view and network analytics to find hidden risk and reduce false positives.
  • Efficiency: protect your data while maintaining an agile environment with the ability to scale resources up and down, depending on demand. Microsoft Azure provides such flexibility and can lead to significant savings for the business.
  • Compliancy: consolidating any data, anywhere, into Cloudera’s enterprise data cloud allows you to maximize efficiencies provided by different data storage options and to integrate into innovative technologies like Quantexa. The enterprise data cloud ensures your data is completely secure, governed and compliant with secure data fabric, SDX.

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Dr Richard Harmon
Dr Richard Harmon
Managing Director, Financial Services, Cloudera
Jamie Huttonwe
Jamie Hutton
Chief Technology Officer, Quantexa
Patrice Amann
Patrice Amann
EMEA Business Lead, Financial Services, Microsoft

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