Seven Middleware Challenges You Must Overcome Before Your Cloud Migration

Moving your company to the cloud is like moving into a skyscraper. You don’t own the building, but rather lease rooms or floors inside of it. You don’t control the security system to get into the building. You don’t have access to the infrastructure—HVAC, elevator controls, maintenance closets, or other rooms. In the cloud, each technology is similar to a room. To move from office to office, to move your staff between floors, to get in and out of the skyscraper, that is essentially the purpose of middleware – it’s what middleware does. The logistics of just getting in and out of a building you don’t own, of maintaining security, not only of your own leased space but also complying with the security of the landlord, requires someone or even multiple someones to manage that. Middleware on the cloud functions the same. And, if you don’t manage middleware, it will manage you.

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